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Avon EX750 CAT2 Barrier

Avon EX750 CAT2 Barrier

ATEX/IECEx Vehicle Control Barriers | Avon EX750 Rising Arm Barriers are an ATEX / IECEx certified product that have been designed for vehicle control in hazardous areas which are potentially susceptible to explosive atmospheres.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Avon EX750 Barriers will provide vehicle access and movement control for primarily oil and gas  / chemical works sites without creating an ignition source.

The EX750 is a vehicle control barrier that has been specifically designed to mitigate the Health and Safety risks associated with sites with the potential for the build-up of explosive atmospheres.

EX750 Cat2 Barrier for ATEX and IECEx Cat 2 Zone 1

Key features & benefits


  • ATEX / IECEx certified for use up to zone 1 and 2
  • Category 2G
  • Gas Group IIB
  • Robust Construction



  • Independently certified
  • Produced by certified IECEx manufacturer
  • 100% Duty cycling
  • Low maintenance


Product overview

The EX750 CAT2 Barrier can operate in an area that is deemed to be a potentially explosive atmosphere. When dangerous substances combine with air, under atmospheric conditions and ignition has occurred, the combustion spreads to the entire unburned mixture.

How to reduce the risk of an explosion?

Many workplaces may contain, or have activities that produce, explosive or potentially explosive atmospheres. Examples include places where work activities create or release flammable gases or vapours, such as vehicle paint spraying.

  • Prevention & Reduction of the amount of dangerous substances that cause the explosive atmostphere
  • Prevent ignition source

Mechanical & electrical equipment that operate in zoned areas should comply with the requirement of the ATEX directive & the IECEx standard.

ATEX IECEx hazardous zones


Avon EX750 CAT2 Barrier protection explained

ATEX and IECEx certified barriers are labelled with a standardised marking scheme that is applied to identify equipment suitable for a specific location.

EX750 CAT2 Barrier: ATEX protection level

atex category 2-protection-level-ex750 barrier

EX750 CAT2 Barrier: IECEx protection level


Industries requiring ATEX & IECEx certified equipment

  • Oil & Gas
  • Food & Beverage
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical
  • Transport, Air & Defence
  • Electronics & Interface
  • Utilities & Government
  • Nuclear & Renewable
  • Retail & Print
  • Marine & Shipping

Technical Specification

Physical Dimensions: Barrier Cabinet: 1130mm H x 500mm W x 305mm D
Basic Power requirements: 230v, 1ph, 6amp, 50HZ (Other voltages are available on request)
Control Voltage: S.E.L.V 24V
Speed of operation: 4.2 seconds to raise or lower
Boom height: 834mm above foundation level
Power fail operation: Manual hand wind
Approx weight: 130kg
ATEX protection level:  CE ATEX logo1aII 2G IIB c T3
IECEx protection level: Ex h IIB T3 Gb
Construction: The cabinet body is constructed from mild steel and is finished with INVER S.P.A. 40496 NP ESD Rosso 3001 (red), thickness 80 microns (anti-static paint). The cabinet comprises of a fixed base and a hinged top lid. The lid provides easy access to the drive assembly and is secured via the lockable cabinet door. Boom profile -The barrier arm is constructed from 76 x 38mm aluminium, white powder coated with reflective red striping. Booms are mounted on the right side of the barrier as viewed from the back of the cabinet.
Installation: The barrier foundation should consist of grade C25 concrete and it is recommended that the barrier is secured to the foundation using 4 M12 x 160mm chemical anchors. The installation of ducts for cabling is dependent upon the control criteria.

The barrier comes with an IP66, ATEX / IECEx Ex d explosion proof certified enclosure to enclose the control system. Please note that any access control systems / push buttons etc. must be fully compliant with the same ATEX / IECEx classifications if mounted on or in the vicinity of the equipment. Where the barrier control point is remote from the installation, we strongly recommend the fitting of a recordable CCTV system.

Resources - Avon EX750 CAT2 Barrier

Drawings – Avon EX750 Barrier
Format: pdf

General arrangement drawings for EX750 vehicle control barrier certified to operated in IECEx  & ATEX group 2 category 2 (zone 1) designated hazardous areas

Datasheet – Avon EX750 CAT2 Barrier
Format: pdf

Datasheet – Avon EX750 CAT2 Barrier – vehicle control barrier certified to operated in IECEx  & ATEX group 2 category 2 (zone 1) designated hazardous areas.

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