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Avon EB750 Excel security Drop Arm Gates are Rising Arm Barriers that can be utilised as car parking or security drop arm gates.


The Automatic Traffic Drop Arm Gates can easily integrate with revenue collection and access control systems, EB750 security drop arm gates are recommended for a wider road width or if signage, lights or drop skirts are required for the barrier's arm (boom).Security Drop Arm Gates - EB750 Rising Arm Barriers by Avon Barriers

The security drop arm gate stands 1135mm above foundation level, with the automatic traffic barrier arm  840mm above foundation level, the heavy duty motor plate supports the 100% duty cycle permanent capacitor 4 pole T.E.F.C. motor which provides the power for the toothed belt driven industrial grade gearbox, which in turn drives the sinusoidal output mechanism. Two heavy duty bearings support the drive shaft, this having 2 machined cams to activate the adjustable limit switches to control the boom travel.

The security drop arm gates hinged lockable steel top cover provides access to the drive mechanism. The barrier cabinet houses the barrier 'parking logic' control panel, providing the necessary power supply isolator, fuses, thermal overload trips and motor contactors.

For barrier arm lengths greater than 5m a straining wire is added for additional stability, along with an adjustable spring loaded end steady/pogo support to suit, recommended when equipment is added to the barrier arm.

It is recommended that the barrier is secured to the foundations using 4 nos M12 x 160mm chemical anchors.

FCar Park Drop Arm Gates- EB750 Excel Automatic Traffic Gates by Avon Barrieror safety reasons pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycles are advised not to use a barrier controlled roadway. Additional safety measures can be incorporated into the barrier system if required.

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Key Features

  • 100% duty cycling
  • Electro-mechanical drive unit
  • Fast acting 4.2 Sec
  • Multi-process coating specification
  • Modular design
  • Winding handle facility
  • 230V single phase 50Hz 6A


  • Reliability
  • Low maintenance
  • Service spares
  • Manual operation in the event of power failure
  • Ease of installation

Technical Specification

  • Physical dimensions: cabinet - 305mm W x 460mm D x 1135mm H
  • Basic power requirements: 230v single phase, 50Hz, 6 amp control voltage S.E.L.V 24v
  • Standard speed of operation: 4.2 Seconds to raise or lower
  • Boom height: 965mm underside of boom to road surface (125mm kerb)
  • Approx weight: 130kg
  • Construction: the steel cabinet is shot blasted, primed and powder coated (RAL1007 - other options available).
  • Boom profile: rectangular extruded aluminium 76 x 38mm white powder coated with red fascal strips (black and yellow markings are also available) max length 7m

Options Available

  • Access control systems
  • Boom lights
  • Skirts underslung and full height
  • Inductive loop systems
  • Boom shear facility (up to 3m)
  • Stop/no entry/warning signage

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