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Avon Tyre Killers

The Avon Tyre Killer Barrier is designed for use in high security high traffic applications. The tyre killer barrier is a simple to install highly secure vehicle control barrier, ideally suited for approach entrances to banks, military installations, airports, docks, cash collection depots government offices etc.

The tyre killer teeth retract below ground level when a signal is received from the push button or integrated access control unit providing safe access or authorised vehicles. When the vehicle has passed, the teeth return to the active position, ensuring total protection from unauthorised vehicle intrusion.

This product is only available for export outside of the UK and the EU.

Tyre Killer road blocker
Tyre killer

Key features

  • Height in raised position 475mm
  • Electro/hydraulic operation
  • Full electrical isolation and overload protection
  • Manual operation facility with safety interlock
  • Fully galvanised and powder coated construction
    to provide maximum protection in extreme

Product overview

Tyre killers are available in widths of up to 4 metres. Tyre killer barriers may be used with any type of access control system. We recommend that the Tyre Killer is used in conjunction with a rising arm barrier and an underground inductive detector loop to act as a safety device to prevent the barrier operating when an authorised vehicle is stationary over the teeth.

This is a specialist security product and is designed for use with vehicles only and a full site risk assessment must be carried out at design stage to ensure that all relevant safety systems are included.

Where the tyre killer barrier control point is remote from the installation, we strongly recommend the fitting of a recordable CCTV system, traffic lights and safety inductive loop systems.

The tyre killer barrier comes with a push-button hold to run control as standard, however it can be customised to interface with a wide range of access control equipment to suit specific customer requirements (available as options) and any configuration including (but not limited to) inductive loop systems, card readers, communication equipment and manned guard panic systems can be accommodated.


Tyre Killers

Options available

  • Emergency buttons with lock down
  • UPS backup for the electrical system
  • Access control and intercom systems
  • Inductive loop systems
  • Traffic lights and back-indication systems

Technical Specification

Physical Dimensions:
Standard 4M blocker 4000mm W x 920 D
HPU Cabinet: 640/940mm W x 670mm D x 1300mm H
Raised height of teeth: 475mm
Basic Power requirements: 3-Phase 380/415v AC, 50/60Hz
Control Voltage: S.E.L.V 24V
Operating temperature range available (option): -25°C – +70°C
Construction: The framework is constructed from fully welded, heavy gauge, steel angle and box section and hi-tensile structural steel.

Tyre Killers - Resources

Datasheet – Avon Tyre Killers
Format: pdf

Datasheet for Avon Tyre Killers

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