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Avon EntraSteel® Sliding Gates

Avon EntraSteel® Sliding Gates

Avon EntraSteel® Sliding Gates are cantilever sliding gates that combines reliability, low maintenance, modern design, with quality manufacturing technologies.

It is a smooth running vehicle control gate finished to the highest standard and can be tailored to customers specific requirements.

Available in a variety of widths (up to 12m) and heights to suit site requirements.

They are a dependable and robust way of securing larger roadwidths and controlling vehicle access.



Avon EntraSteel Sliding Gates
EntraSteel Sliding Gate

Key features & benefits


  • Hot dip galvanised powder coated  (5 standard RAL colours)
  • Pre-assembled drive post and folding leaf units
  • Trackless
  • Fast Acting



  • High quality durable finish
  • Simple to install
  • No central roadway excavation
  • High traffic volume
  • Flexibility to interface with all forms of access control
  • Reliable and dependable

Product overview

Simple & Reliable

Cantilever gates do not require a ground track in the roadway, thus the gate is not affected by cambers, kerbs, debris or adverse weather conditions like snow or ice.

Standard colours available RAL 6005 – moss green, RAL 7016 – anthracite grey, RAL 7030 – stone grey, RAL 7035 – light grey or RAL 9010 – pure white  End post in hot-dip galvanised finish as standard

Quality and Safety

Our gates are finished to a high standard and comply with current safety requirements, as standard six safety edges are fitted and 2 light beams for monitoring passage.

A full site risk assessment should be undertaken prior to the design and installation of the gate, to ensure that all the appropriate safety measures have been addressed.

Plug & Play

Control options as standard are hold to run control or alternatively it can be automated OPEN/CLOSE/STOP.

You can customise your requirement with a variety of options and integrations with Access Control systems.

NB Sliding gates are designed to be used with vehicles only and pedestrians access should be provided by an alternative entrance or exit. 

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Avon EntraSteel Cantilever Gate

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Avon EntraSteel Sliding Gates

Options Available

  • Manual Operation
  • Inductive loop systems
  • Intercom & Access Control systems
  • Emergency vehicle keyswitch
  • Flashing permanent/rotating beacon
  • Traffic lights
  • Keypad
  • Remote Control with hand held transmitters
  • Push Button table top control panel
  • Additional safety light beam for HGV height
  • Keyswitches for alternative modes of operation
  • Alternative RAL paint colours

Technical Specification


EntraSteel® Gate


Power-operated cantilever sliding gate with electro-mechanical drive, control unit, catch post, guide post, end post, control column and gate leaf

Clear opening width

3000 mm – 12000 mm     (1000 mm increments)

Gate Height*

1250-2450 mm (in 200 mm increments) 


Bar Infill made of square hollow section SHS 30×20, solid sheet, perforated sheet or on-site infill


Top edge of foundation 0 mm, 90 mm (standard) or 200 mm road covering

Colour (Standard)

RAL 6005 – moss green, RAL 7016 – anthracite grey, RAL 7030 – stone grey, RAL 7035 – light grey or RAL 9010 – pure white

End post in hot-dip galvanised finish as standard

Drive unit:

Electric drive with toothed rack and wheel**

Control unit

Multifunctional, automatic control WE-Tronic II with integrated frequency converter**

Operating Speed

Max. 0.24 m/s

* 100mm ground clearance

** For power-operated version

Avon EntraSteel® Sliding Gates

Technical Datasheet – Avon EntraSteel® Sliding Gates
Format: pdf

Technical Datasheet – Avon EntraSteel® Sliding Gates  – Cantilever Sliding Gate – powered gate with CWO between 3m – 12m

Tender Description Cantilever Sliding Gate
Format: pdf

Tender Description cantilever sliding gate – Avon EntraSteel® Sliding Gates