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Avon TG1000 Groundtrack Automatic Sliding Gate

Avon TG1000 Groundtrack Automatic Sliding Gate

Avon TG1000 Groundtrack Sliding Gates are automatic sliding gates that come in variety of widths and heights to suit site requirements.

The ground track sliding gates are manufactured from RHS sections of sufficient strength to suit operating requirements which are dependent upon the gates opening width, height, type of infill (wind loading/weight) and the level of security required.

Tracked Sliding Automatic Gate
Ground Tracked Sliding Gates

Key features & benefits


  • High quality coating system
  • Galvanised/Zinc sprayed or powder/plastic coated
  • Bespoke built units
  • Manual Override facility



  • Environmentally durable
  • Custom built to client specification
  • Operational under power failure conditions
  • Ease of installation

Product overview

The tracked gate requires a shorter run back area than a cantilever gate making it possible for installation in restricted spaces/areas

The gate leaf is held in the vertical plane by a set of guide posts with adjustable guide rollers and driven by a rack and pinion. All drive units mechanically lock the leaves in position with the option for a positive locking mechanism.

A variety of sizes, infills and finishes are available to suit individual site applications and gates can span openings of up 12 metres, subject to gate height and infill.

The gates are finished to a high standard and comply with current safety requirements and come complete with hold to run button & force limiters as standard.

NB Sliding gates are designed to be used with vehicles only and pedestrians should be provided with an alternative entrance or exit.

This is a specialist security product and is designed for use with vehicles only and a full site risk assessment must be carried out at design stage to ensure that all relevant safety systems are included.

Where the gate control point is remote from the installation, we strongly recommend the fitting of a recordable CCTV system. For safety reasons pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycles are should not to use a gate controlled roadway.

Options Available

  • Access control and intercom systems
  • Audible alarm / Flashing beacon
  • Safety edge / Safety photocells / Laser scanners
  • Serrated / barbed wire / wire toppings
  • High speed gate drive
  • Pedestrian guard rail
  • Inductive loop systems
  • Traffic lights & back indications systems
  • Matching infills and cladding

TG1000 Groundtrack Automatic Sliding Gate - Resources

Datasheet – Avon TG1000 Groundtrack Automatic Sliding Gate
Format: pdf

Datasheet – Avon TG1000 Groundtrack Automatic Sliding Gate

Drawings – Avon TG1000 Groundtrack Automatic Sliding Gate
Format: pdf

Drawings – Avon TG1000 Groundtrack Automatic Sliding Gate

Technical Specification

Basic Power Requirements: 230v Single phase 50Hz supply 230v/400v 3 phase (option) 110v (option)

The incoming mains supply to the control panel is normally single phase 220/250v, but three phase 400v may be required depending on the design length and weight of the gate.

Control: Basic gate is a push button – hold to run, alternative access control systems can be accommodated.
Dimensions: From 3m to 12m clear width openings and heights are normally 2.1m or 2.4m, infills and panels available are dependent on height and weight of gate.
Safety:   Safety Options – In accordance with the workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) regulations 1992, BS EN 12453:2001 and BS EN 12445:2001 it is highly recommended that the following items are fitted to your automatic sliding gate.

Safety edge to leading edge of gate leaf – to prevent gates closing on a person or vehicle when the gate is activated.

Additional safety edges to internal and external motor posts

Weldmesh infill

Post mounted audible alarm or flashing beacon, alerting people when the gate is in operation

Gate runback protection. This is to prevent a person, entering that area whilst the sliding gates are operating.

Safety induction loops cut into the road surface. This will inhibit automatic sliding gates closing on to a vehicle within the aperture, if detected.

Safety photocells and laser scanners act as additional safety for pedestrians and high lorries.

Forces: A maximum of 400N of crushing force is permitted before the gate leaf should start to reverse, for gaps greater than 500mm a maximum crushing force of 1400N is permitted. Regular maintenance and force testing is recommended by a trained technician.

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