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Traffic Management & Parking

Managing parking and vehicle access

Controlling the flow of vehicles into a parking or restricted area can be achieved through a traffic management strategy.

Automated parking barrier systems

Managing parking areas and vehicle access, can be achieved by implementing a barrier controlled system, in the form of an automated rising arm barrier working in conjunction with various methods of access control, a proximity card reader system, a keypad, an remote control transmitter or an intercom system for example, are some of the methods that could be implemented to manage vehicle access.

Public Parking

Rising arm barriers can be utilised with revenue controlled systems or access control systems to manage public parking car parks. Manual Barriers and Vehicle Height Restrictors can be used to restrict areas or certain vehicles from entering parking areas.

Visitor, Staff & VIP Parking

Managing different parking zones can be achieved through nesting vehicle control barriers within a larger car park. Providing means to offer staff, VIP and visitor parking areas.


Our products include rising arm barriers, sliding gates & road blockers for parking and security, with a wide range of integrated access control systems to manage you traffic flow. A range of manual parking solutions including vehicle height restriction barriers and manual lifting barriers are also available.


Our design and development team are specialists in vehicle control systems. Our parking and vehicle entrance control systems are all designed in house, with the flexibility to provide you with a system to designed to suit our clients requirements.

Project Management

Dependent on client requirements we can design unique solutions for our customers, to meet their specific needs. Our business model enables us to focus on our three core service offerings: concept, delivery & support.


Our installation teams are available to provide a comprehensive service to install, connect , test and commission your vehicle control system. If you would prefer to carry out the civil foundation work yourselves then we can oversee and advise contractors to ensure that the ground works are completed to specification.


Our customer support team provide a range of preventative maintenance packages to suit the specific requirements of our customers. Regular maintenance helps ensure smooth system operation and equipment longevity.

Manufacturing & Quality

Our large manufacturing facilities based in the UK are home to our production operation. We have a policy of continuous improvement of both the effectiveness and quality of the management system that satisfies the requirements of our ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.

Our apporach

We provide a high level of technical support expertise for our international clients both pre-sales and after sales.

Pre sales consultancy services will assist with successful project delivery including, design, specification compliance, risk assessment & project management. Our international after-sales support team provide a range of services including installation, commissioning and operation of our vehicle access control systems.

With telephone and online based support, on-site technical assistance and a range of aftersales preventative maintenance packages that are tailored to suit your requirement. Bespoke training days are also available to our clients for more information, please contact us.

Our Expertise

We have considerable experience in providing vehicle control solutions for the parking and traffic management and have installed hundreds of systems throughout the world. We can assist you in the design and specification of your parking operation at any stage including from concept or upgrading your current facility's parking control system. Please contact us for assistance.

Shopping Malls & Retail

Reducing and implementing measures to mitigate the risk of a hostile vehicle attack for busy crowded shopping centres

Industrial & Commercial

Managing traffic in the commercial environment is a key element of a security strategy for a business; whether it is employees coming to work, the logistics of heavy goods vehicles delivering and picking up or ad hoc visitors.


Utilities are vital resources that we depend on every day, the physical infrastructures that provide these services face an ever evolving threat, be it natural or man-made.

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Parking and Traffic Management Products

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