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Avon EB500 Parking Barrier

Avon EB500 Parking Barrier

The Avon EB500 Parking Barrier is a rising arm barrier that can be utilised as an automatic traffic control for car parks and security access.

The EB500 is 100% duty cycling, allows compliance with relevant safety standards and is designed for continual high use. It is manufactured to the highest standards; the slim smooth acting barrier is constructed from aluminium and has a rust free environmentally durable IP54 rated cabinet.

The barrier cabinet is slate grey (RAL 7015) powder coated with a traffic yellow lid (RAL 1023), other colour options are available.

Avon EB500 Auto Barrier

Key features & benefits


  • 100% duty cycling
  • Energy saving 24v brushless motor gearbox – planetary gear
  • Aluminium rust free cabinet
  • End position detection without limit switches
  • Variable speeds*
  • Six programmable relay outputs
  • Three single loop detectors
  • Opening angle adjustable in 5° steps starting with 55°



  • Reliability for high usage
  • Environmentally durable cabinet
  • Manufactured from sustainable recyclable materials
  • Emergency manual lever
  • Easy to maintain & upgrade
  • Adaptable to site conditions


Product overview

The red and white aluminium boom is easily mounted on the left or right hand side of the cabinet and the maximum boom length is 5m. An in-built safety feature ensures that the barrier automatically reverses direction when an obstruction is met. Each boom length is set to a standard operating speed but can be adjusted (via the control board) to a operate faster or slower depending on the requirement.

The versatile controller provides a generous number of pluggable terminals, relays and loop detectors to easily integrate with access control systems. As an option it can be network enabled with a socket for module TCP/IP or RS485 as well as an optional in-built socket for radio (R/F) remote control.

The energy saving 24v brushless motor/gearbox assembly incorporates a planetary gearing system with sinusoidal movement for a soft start and soft stop action, efficiently using minimal energy to operate when accelerating and decelerating, that results in a smooth elevation or lowering of the barrier arm.


The drive mechanism is accessible through the lockable cabinet and by releasing the removable lid. In the event of a power failure or emergency, there is a lever with the cabinet to manually raise or lower the barrier. The zinc-treated drive components are made of die-cast and lasered steel and the unique spring mechanism assists with the smooth drive and counterbalancing of the boom to minimise operational wear on internal components.

Options available

  • Access control & intercom systems
  • Inductive Loops
  • LED boom lighting
  • Module for auto open in event of power failure
  • Additional safety features
  • Module for radio remote control receiver
  • Alternative cabinet colours available
  • Module TCP/IP or RS485 for network operation

Technical Specification

Physical dimensions: Barrier Cabinet – 360mm W x 300mm D x 1100mm
Supply voltage: 88v-264v    47Hz-63Hz
Boom length (mm):
Effective boom length (mm):
Power consumption max (W):
Opening and closing times (speeds)* – available, approx. [s] 
Barrier weight approx kg (boom weight approx kg)

57 (5)

58 (6)

58 (7)

59 (8)

60 (10)

Boom Construction: Boom profile is a rectangular extruded aluminium boom lengths 2500 – 4000mm – 100 x 25 mm and 5000m -100 x 50 mm, powder coated (RAL 9010) with red reflective signal stripes.  Max length 5000mm Booms can be mounted on the left or right hand as required. 5000mm booms require an end support
Barrier Construction:

The aluminium cabinet is powder coated – main cabinet RAL 7015 (slate grey), cabinet lid RAL 1023 (traffic yellow) (other options available) with an IP54 rating.

Installation: The barrier foundation if installing outside should consist of grade C35/45 concrete and it is recommended that the barrier is secured to the foundation using 4 M12 x 160mm chemical anchors. The installation of ducts for cabling is dependent upon the control criteria.

* Barrier speeds will be factory set to be compliant with latest applicable safety standards

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EB500 Parking Barrier - Resources

Datasheet – Avon EB500 Parking Barrier
Format: pdf

Datasheet – Avon EB500 Parking Barrier, a rising arm barrier automated for vehicle access control applications. Parking barrier with aluminium boom arm.

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