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Sector Solutions

Physical Security Solutions for Industry Sectors

Avon Barrier work within a wide variety of industry sectors, our experience is extensive in providing physical security solutions globally for both public and private industries.

Our business and products have evolved around our knowledge & experience in the development of the vehicle security barrier impact standards PAS 68 & IWA 14-1. Our expertise enables us to work closely with consultants, specifiers and contractors to assist in the delivery of quality, robust solutions within the sectors they are deployed in.

Working within the Oil & Gas, Airports, Ports & Rail, Banks & Data Centre’s, Utilities, industrial & commercial, government & diplomatic, stadiums, hotels & public places, counter terrorism sectors, we have the products and experience to deliver systems for all applications.


We provide a high level of technical support expertise for our international clients both pre-sales and after sales.


We provide a high level of technical support expertise for our international clients both pre-sales and after sales. Pre sales consultancy services will assist with successful project delivery including, design, specification compliance, risk assessment & project management.
Our international after-sales support team provide a range of services including installation, commissioning and operation of our vehicle access control systems. With telephone based support, on-site technical assistance and a range of aftersales preventative maintenance packages that are tailored to suit your requirement.

Bespoke training days are also available to our clients for more information, please contact us.

Benefits of working with Avon Barrier

By specifying Avon Barrier you can be assured that you are dealing with experts in the field of hostile vehicle mitigation and traffic control systems. We know our business; our products are all designed & developed by our in-house technical team. Throughout the manufacturing process, constant stringent testing and quality assurances are in place.

We are specialists in globally exporting our road blockers, gates, barriers and bollards. Choosing Avon Barrier will provide you with a commitment of support in every aspect of the project delivery, including installation, commissioning, training and technical support in day to day operation.

Oil & Gas

Reliable and effective physical security in the oil & gas sector is a challenging objective, when situated in remote and often high risk locations.


Vital resources that we depend on every day, the physical infrastructures that provide these services face an ever evolving threat, be it natural or man-made.

Stadiums | Hotels | Public Places

Sports, recreation, business and entertainment venues are places where large numbers of people gather to share cultural interests making them an attractive target for terrorism.

Airports | Ports | Rail

Airports face increasing security issues and threats both land and air side, working with airport operators, consultants, architects and contractors...

Banks | Data Centres

Banks, Financial Institutes and Data Centres are the backbones of world economies and if disrupted or compromised can have devastating effects, leading to instability and vulnerability of governments and institutions.


UN & NATO are organisations that often operate in hostile locations and the protection of their assets is vital to the continuity of the objectives they strive to deliver.

Shopping Malls

Crowded shopping centres and malls are designed with many wide entrances and exits for ease of access for the general public incorporating localised convenient car parking and busy service areas are likely for retailers stock to be replenished. These elements can provide an opportunity for an act of hostile intent by a vehicle.

Diplomatic | Government

Governments’ property portfolios are vital & valuable assets that ensure governments can carry out their duties both domestically and internationally.

Military & Borders

Military establishments require the highest levels of physical protection and security. Hostile Vehicle Mitigation solutions are a means of protecting access points from an aggressive vehicle attack, for both permanent & temporary military bases and in theatre.

Historic buildings | Museums | Art Galleries | Palaces

A nation’s objects of artistic, cultural, historical, or scientific importance and the Iconic buildings that hold these valuable treasures, are public places that attract tourists and large groups of people.

Traffic Management & Parking

Controlling the flow of vehicles into a parking or restricted area can be achieved using a vehicle control barrier, our automated parking barriers can form part of your vehicle access control system. A range of parking & security control products including automated and manual solutions assist with traffic management.


Managing traffic in the commercial environment is a key element of a security strategy for a business; whether it is employees coming to work, the logistics of heavy goods vehicles delivering and picking up or ad hoc visitors, we can provide traffic management solutions.

Counter Terrorism

Acts of terrorism take many forms, a vehicle laden with explosives and driven at speed with hostile intent are a physical threat to critical national infrastructure. Adopting counter terrorism principles in the design of vehicle access control points incorporating impact rated vehicle security barriers can form part of a physical security landscape design.

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