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Avon TurnSec 4.0 Turnstiles

Avon TurnSec Turnstiles are designed for securing pedestrian entrance ways; regulating the flow of authorised pedestrians and denying unauthorised access.

Full height turnstiles are an efficient and effective way of controlling the entering and exiting of pedestrians and with integrated access control, visitors can be monitored and managed.

The Avon TurnSec 4.0 is available as a single and multiple system.

The TurnSec Bicycle 4.0 provides pedestrians with bicycles unhindered access to your premises.


Full Height Pedestrian Turnstiles

Key features & benefits


  • High quality coating system
  • Robust construction
  • Modular construction



  • Low maintenance
  • Secure
  • Easy to install

Product Overview

Using high-quality materials, stable steel frame construction and the proven long-term corrosion protection TRI-PROTECT®, our turnstiles offer outstanding durablility and weather-resistance.

  • High quality finish and attractive design, with a pleasing appearance and standard range of RAL colours
  • Stable and closed tubular steel construction in modular design, easy to install and low maintenance
  • Equipped with start memory for high throughput efficiency, stop in end position preventing revving up of the rotor
  • WE Tronic II control system with contactor board allowing easy access as it is installed in the drive housing.
  • TIME OUT function – locking after elapsed time, adjustable 0 – 500 sec
  • Electric motor assisted operation with subsequent safe locking of the rotor in the end position
  • Single-shell roof or Makrolon roof option with or without LED lighting; optionally with twilight switch
  • Traffic light pictogram – green arrow/red cross
  • 2 control posts integrated in the turnstile for card reader, intercom units, keypad, etc.
  • Special crawl-through protection

TurnSec 4.0 - Single or Multiple Turnstile


TurnSec 4.0 - Single or multiple turnstile system

TurnSec Bicycle 4.0 - Turnstile with Bicycle Gate


Turnstile with Bicycle gate

Avon TurnSec 4.0 / Bicycle

Model: Single or Mulitple Turnstile Systems, Turnstile system with bicycle gate
Frame: Robust steel contstruction
Rotor:   3 arm – 120°
Drive Unit: Electric motor assisted.
Control Unit: Multifunctional, automatic control WE-Tronic II
  • Hot-dip galvanised bottom frame for installation with 200 mm lowered foundation, thus allowing a visually perfect integration into the design of the walkway area – optional without foundation lowering for installation on finished floor level
  • Rotor made of stainless steel, with welded hairpin-shaped tubular brackets at 120° intervals (3-armed); base frame hot-dip galvanised; guide and deflector elements, upper frame and drive tray powder-coated with long-term corrosion protection
  • Side elements with perforated sheet filling, perforation RV 20-28 or upper and lower rail made of flat steel, filling rods made of round tube; optional personal guide housing made of steel with aluminium door
Turnstile with curved roof

Options available

  • Curved modern Makrolon roof canopy
  • LED illumination – with/without twilight switch
  • Installation on FFL / without lowered foundation
  • Table top push buttons with selection of operations
  • Side elements with top and bottom rail made of flat material, vertical bar infill made of round hollow section
  • Key switch single release / Key switch free access
  • Coded key pad
  • Proximity card reader
  • Traffic light red/green
  • Traffic light pictogram – green arrow/red cross
  • Intercom systems

Resources - TurnSec Turnstiles

Technical Datasheet – Avon TurnSec 4.0 Turnstiles
Format: pdf

Technical Datasheet – Avon TurnSec 4.0 Turnstiles

Tender Description Turnstile TurnSec 4.0
Format: pdf

Tender Description Turnstile TurnSec 4.0

Technical Datasheet – Avon TurnSec Bicycle Turnstiles
Format: pdf

Technical Datasheet – Avon TurnSec Bicycle Turnstiles

Tender Description Turnstile with Bicycle Gate TurnSec
Format: pdf

Tender Description Turnstile with Bicycle Gate TurnSec

Sectors ideal for turnstiles

Oil & Gas

Industrial & Commercial

Stadiums, Hotels, Public Places