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Access Control

Avon Access Control

We offer a full range of access control systems providing our clients with a wide choice of access control method to suit their particular application.

A comprehensive range of options for controlling the access of specific site locations.

All equipment systems integrate with Avon Barriers range of parking, & security barriers, road blockers, gates, turnstiles and bollards providing a turnkey security solution.

Enclosures and posts can be provided to mount access control units.

Access Control
Traffic Lights for road blockers and barriers

Key benefits & features


  • Varying levels of access control
  • Validating / monitoring systems
  • Durable
  • High user capacity



  • Reliability
  • Low maintenance
  • Simple to install
  • Service spares

Product overview

Our products are designed to integrate with a wide range of access control systems. They are subject to change and updating and the images shown are an example of some of the systems that we can provide.

Avon RF Transmitters & Receiver

For remotely opening your vehicle control system, hand held/in car operation. Up to 4 channels for standard use with 20 channels available on receiver for DTI approved frequencies.

RF transmitter and receiver

Avon Proximity Card Reader

A programmable proximity card reader mounted on the hingable face of a standard Avon enclosure. Capable of voiding/validating individual cards with simple push button programming.

Avon proximity card reader in housing

Avon proximity card reader in housing

Avon Swipe Card Reader

A programmable swipe card reader mounted on a hingable face of a standard Avon enclosure. Capable of voiding/validating individual cards with simple push button programming.

Avon swipe card reader

Avon swipe card reader

Avon Digital Key Pad

A digital coding system available with a 4 digit code. This unit can be used in conjunction with a reader system for additional security. The numerical code may be changed on a regular basis to maintain security.

Avon Keypad access control

Avon Keypad in housing

Avon Token Acceptor

A cost effective method of access control for single or infrequent users. ie hospitals, museums, caravan sites, doctor surgeries & hotels etc.

Avon Token Acceptor

Avon Token Acceptor

Avon Push Buttons & Control Panels

A simple method of controlling access: a variety of combinations can be provided depending on configuration of the site. Picture shows a 3 button controller: Open, Close and Emergency Stop.

Avon push button control

Avon push button control


Avon Inductive Loop Detector

Automatic operation of barrier / gates when used in conjunction with sub-surface inductive road loop, sensing the metallic mass of cars and larger vehicles. These can be a pcb style or a din rail style and is connected to the external induction cable.

Loop Detector (Din rail mount)

Loop Detector (Din rail mount)

Avon Audio & Visual Intercom System

To enable communication between outstation locations and reception/ security. Several gate outstations may be connected to a master station. An audio visual option is available on request.

Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems


Avon Key Switches

Key operated manual control, to operate a barrier or blocker manually and to lock in open or closed positions.


Key switches for switching operation mode

Avon Traffic Lights

Red/Green Traffic Lights 200mm diameter polycarbonate lens, post wall or cabinet mounted.


Avon Infra Red System

Automatic operation of barriers/ gates and provides a safety facility, as an external entrapment protection device. Long range and producing a detection signal when the infrared beam is broken.

Avon powered safety beam

Avon powered safety beam

Avon Access Control - Resources

Datasheet – Avon Access Control
Format: pdf

A selection of Access Control solutions to integrate with Avon Barrier product range

Traffic Barriers to operate with your access control

View our selection of vehicle control barriers to integrate with your access control

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