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Avon Tracked Gate M50

Avon Tracked Gate M50

Avon Tracked Gate M50 is an impact rated sliding gate rated to both ASTM 2656 & PAS 68 testing criteria. The highest levels of security provided against unauthorised vehicle & pedestrian access.

This vehicle gate can be used to protect sites from extreme aggressive attacks while maintaining a pedestrian secure environment.

It can be adapted in height and fitted with anti-climbing devices to comply with site-specific requirements. The high speed opening and closing times ensure that access points are quickly secured once a vehicle has been authorised to enter a secure area.

Tracked Gate M50 Avon Barrier

Key benefits & features


  • Physically impact rated to PAS 68 criteria
  • Physically impact rated to ASTM 2656 criteria
  • Variable height and clear widths
  • Manual operating override facility
  • High quality coating system
  • Shallow mounting 500mm with a 100mm overall depth
  • Hold to run operation



  • Confidence in proven performance
  • Strength and durability
  • Flexibility to suit site requirements
  • Operational under power failure conditions
  • Reliable and dependable
  • Overcomes site depth restrictions
  • Safe operation

Product Overview

The robust construction with heavy gauge material and high tensile steel offers reliable operation and is low maintenance.

This is a specialist high security product and is designed for use with vehicles only and a full site risk assessment must be carried out at design stage to ensure that all relevant safety systems are included. Where the gates control point is remote from the installation, we strongly recommend the fitting of a recordable CCTV system.

ASTM M50 P1 Tracked Gate - Physically Tested

PAS 68 Tracked Gate - Zero Penetration

TGM50 Tracked Gate

Options available

  • Emergency buttons with lock down
  • UPS backup for the electrical system
  • Flashing warning beacon
  • Detector for induction loops
  • Timers
  • Gate infills
  • Additional safety systems
  • Serrated top rail/ Steel spikes D18
  • Optional RAL or DB Paint finishes
  • Traffic lights

Technical Specification


Tracked Gate M50 ASTM version

Tracked Gate M50 PAS 68 version


ASTM F2656-07 M50/P1 tested with 7 m CWO

PAS 68: 2010 V/7500[N3]/80/90:0.0/4.3 rated with 7 m CWO

Gate Height

2000 mm – 3000 mm

Clear opening width

3000 mm – 7000 mm (1000 mm increments)  – Impact rated at 7m CWO



up to 0.8 m/s

Operating Speed

up to 0.4 m/s

Drive Unit

Mounted on a compensating frame

Installation Depth

500 mm incl. 100 mm road covering

Tracked Gate M50 = Resources

Technical Datasheet – Avon Tracked Gate M50
Format: pdf

Technical Datasheet – Avon Tracked Gate M50

Tender Description Tracked Gate M50
Format: pdf

Tender Description Tracked Gate M50 – a high impact sliding gate tested to both ASTM 2656 & PAS 68

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