Shallow Bollards – Super Shallow Foundation Bollards

Crash Tested Bollards protecting infrastructure from Vehicles used as Weapons (VAW)

The Avon Resilience SSF100 Bollard has just a 100mm structural foundation depth, it is one of the shallowest crash tested bollards available.

Super Shallow Bollards keep installation costs to a minimum as very little excavation is required to install them; in comparison to conventional bollards.  They are ideally suited to city centres or the built environment, where services run close to ground level.  

Simple and shallow foundations mean that budgeting for ground works can be more accurate. Timescales are kept to a minimum as well little disruption to road surfaces during installation.

Static Bollards protection from Vehicle as a Weapon

Static Bollards protecting the walkway and creating a stand off from the adjacent buildings

Bollards stop a 7200kg truck travelling at 64 kph (40mph)

To find out more about our crash testing program take a look at Certification & Testing

Our High Security Bollards have all been independently crash physically tested in the UK by the independent test facility HORIBA MIRA

Roadways, access points & perimeters can be protected from a vehicle with hostile intent whilst still enabling pedestrians free movement.


 Versatile Design

 Linkage system | Bollard installed on a sloping surface

Super Shallow Bollards for sloping roadways

 Shallow Bollards stepped linkage for sloping roadways


 Unique Design

 Linkage system | Seamless curve of the bollard line

 Curved Shallow Bollards