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Avon EB950 Triumph Security Barrier

EB950 Triumph Security Barrier

The Avon EB950 Triumph Barrier is ideal for industrial car parks and security control; it can easily integrate with access control systems and is recommended for a wider road width or if signage, lights or drop skirts are required for the barrier arm (boom).

The barrier cabinet stands 1160mm above foundation level with the boom arm 960mm above foundation level.

EB950 Triumph Security Barrier, vehicle control barrier, security, access
EB950 Security Barrier with full skirt (2)

Key features & benefits


  • High duty cycling
  • Electro mechanical linear actuator
  • Fast acting
  • Multi-process coating specification
  • Modular design
  • Winding handle facility



  • Reliability
  • Low maintenance
  • Service spares
  • Manual operation in the event of power failure
  • Ease of installation

Product overview

Boom end supports to aid boom rigidity and straining wires are fitted for barrier arms in excess of 5m and where collapsible drop skirts are required.

The high duty cycling 24vdc linear actuator connects to the drive shaft via a torsion arm providing an operating speed of approximately 10 seconds.

An industrial grade gas strut is used to provide additional counterbalancing and dampening thus giving a smooth operation.

The steel cabinet is shot blasted, primed and powder coated as standard in RAL1007 (other colours available as an option) and houses the control panel, linear actuator with manual winding facility and the limit switches.

For safety reasons pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycles are advised not to use a barrier controlled roadway, additional safety measures can be incorporated into the barrier system if required. The barrier can be interfaced with existing or new access control systems.

Security Barrier

Options available

  • Access control & intercom systems
  • Boom lights
  • Alternative cabinet colours available
  • Black / Yellow boom fascal
  • Inductive loop systems
  • Additional safety equipment including safety buffer, photo electric cell

EB950 Triumph Security Barrier - Resources

Datasheet – Avon EB950 Triumph Barrier
Format: pdf

Datasheet – Avon EB950 Triumph Barrier is an ideal security barrier for controlling traffic and securing the entrance and exit points to industrial car parks and larger roadways.

Drawings – Avon EB950 Triumph Barrier
Format: pdf

GA Drawings for Avon EB950 Triumph Barrier ideal for controlling traffic and securing the entrance and exit points to industrial car parks and larger roadways.

Specification – Avon EB950 Triumph Barrier
Format: pdf

Procurement specification for an Avon EB950 Triumph Barrier ideal for controlling traffic and securing the entrance and exit points to industrial car parks and larger roadways

Technical Specification

Physical Dimensions: Barrier cabinet 410mm W x 560mm D x 1160mm H
Barrier Arm: 9m max  (bare boom)   8m (with drop skirt)  7 m 9with full height skirt
Boom Height: 1085mm underside of boom to road surface (125mm kerb)
Basic Power requirements: 230v single phase, 50Hz, 6 amp (other voltages available)
Control Voltage: S.E.L.V 24V
Speed of operation: 10 Seconds to raise or lower
Operating temperature range available: -25°C – +70°C
Approx weight: 185 kg
Construction: The all steel cabinet and cover are shot blasted, to give a clean grease free surface providing maximum keying effect for the two pack high zinc primer, 40 microns followed by a yellow (RAL1007 other options available) textured polyester powder coated top coat, 40 microns.

Barriers boom profile: The GRP (glass reinforced polymer) booms are circular section 82mm in diameter and supplied white with red bands, Max Length 9m (see above for booms with furniture)


The barrier foundation should consist of grade C25 concrete and it is recommended that the barrier is secured to the foundation using 4 nos M16 x 190mm chemical anchors. The installation of ducts for cabling is dependent upon the control criteria.



For a higher level of security

View our PAS 68 impact tested barriers

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