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PPG Connect

PPG Connect is the smarter way to control and monitor your entrance systems.

Monitor and control just one system or a network of sites, in multiple locations.

No need for expensive replacement passcards or radio transmitter fobs. Authorised users can simply use the free PPG Connect App to open/close your gate, barrier, or bollard system.

PPG Connect
PPG Connect App

Key features & benefits


  • Web based central control
  • GPS
  • Large user capacity
  • User Control functions – Open/Close barrier/gate
  • Inbuilt or retrofitted
  • SMS 24/7 real time messaging
  • Error or malfunction push notifications
  • Predictive Maintenance


  • 24/7 Administration
  • Visual map location of equipment
  • Over 1000 users, 5 group categories available
  • Eliminates need for passcards or remote control devices
  • Simple site upgrade or factory fitted
  • Reduces downtime
  • Service planning

Options for Condition Monitoring

  • Gate – open/closed or Barrier/Bollard – raised/lowered
  • Control unit, incl. safety devices – Error
  • Power supply – OK
  • Opening/closing time – OK
  • Safety contact edges – interuption/detection
  • Light beams – interuption/detection
  • Gate / Bollard – active
  • Induction Loops – active
  • Cabinet door – open / closed
  • Locking bolts – activated

Easy to Install

PPG Connect can be used for all Avon Barrier Access and High Security Products.

Installed ready to use in all new Avon Barrier products, including a 3 month trial subscription.

Third party or existing Avon Barrier products can be easily retrofitted.



Condition Monitoring

PPG Connect

The 24/7 condition monitoring maximises both safety and reliability and sends you a push notification to your mobile phone immediately in the event of a malfunction.

This enables a quick response and rectification of errors.


Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Avon Barrier provides on-demand scheduled maintenance based on performance and usage data collected by PPG Connect.

Failures due to unexpected high usage are avoided and your entrance systems remain reliable.

Allowing you to focus on your core business, while we take care of your perimeter protection.

Full Smart Control

Manage more than 1000 users, create schedules for user groups and grant access authorisations for temporary visitors with just a few clicks.

Users with access authorisation only will need to download the free PPG Connect app to use your entrance system.

Technical Specification

Power Supply:

24 V DC

Connections: Inputs: 8 alert inputs max 28V DC

Outputs: 2 normally-open relay outlets Max 30V 1A

Networks / Localisation: 4G (LTE); 2G/3G fallback option; GPS
User Interface: PPG Connect App / PPG Cloud service included