Road Blockers – Saudi Arabia (KSA) HCIS compliant

Road Blockers – Saudi Arabia (KSA) HCIS compliant.

The RB1000CR Centurion Road Blocker is a crash tested ASTM F2656 (M50 P1) road blocker and is compliant with security and safety directives issued by the High Commission for Industrial Security (HCIS) Ministry of Interior, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

Road Blockers - Saudi Arabia (KSA) HCIS compliant

RB1000CR HCIS Road Blocker ASTM


  • 1000mm raised height blocking segment.
  • 3-5 Second raise time
  • Zero Penetration
  • EFO <1.5 seconds to raise
  • Operational after crash test

Installed and operating throughout Saudi Arabia, this road blocker is a reliable and effective means of protection for all categories of industrial assets in KSA.

Physically tested in the UK by the independent test facility HORIBA MIRA This road blocker is a high quality dependable product built to withstand the impact of a 6800kg truck travelling at 80kph (50mph),  in testing the road blocker stopped the truck, disabled the truck and the truck did not travel beyond the road blocker achieving a zero penetration rating. To find out more about our crash testing program take a look at Certification & Testing